Hand Carry Courier Service

A2B Express Hand Carry Courier Service

If your package’s destination is a long way or overseas, the best option may be to use a hand carry courier service. Time-sensitive or urgent parcels such as AOG aircraft parts are very often best served using this method.

Why use a Hand Carry Courier Service?

Certain packages are too urgent, sensitive or confidential to courier or send in any other way. The hand carry courier is with and responsible for the package throughout its collection to handover and signing for. It’s fast and highly reliable service that ensures risk and delays are reduced.

Imagine the distress of a three day wait just to recover a lost mail item.

Hand carry makes sure your package reaches the right hands as quickly as possible. And is of course frequently applied to journeys in other countries, continents or even the other side of the planet.

A2B Express will collect your package and ensure it remains in their care for the entire duration of the journey, even hiring vehicles in the destination country to deliver it in person. At no point does it leave our cars and at no point is its journey paused or slowed unnecessarily.

Hand Carry Courier Service Terms

Dealing with customs is also a consideration with many countries having their own rules about what can be brought across their borders. Certain organic items such as food, liquid, pharmaceuticals and vegetation may not be permitted. Luckily we can answer these question for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Who is Hand Carry Courier Service For?

If you have a sensitive item which can be carried on to a plane, simply reach out to us. We work across numerous sectors, trusted by the leaders of aerospace, aviation, legal, business, telecommunications, I.T., Health (NHS), pharmaceuticals and the automotive industries. And we deliver everything from aircraft parts to passports, legal tenders to contracts.

We guarantee our service will handle your needs with extreme care and that we will exceed your needs or expectations. From the moment you book an A2B hand carry courier service you can relax, knowing it will get done.

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