A2B Express Delivery Services

Being a courier service isn’t as simple as having a bicycle or car, we’re not DHL but we do use a range of vehicles that make up our fleet, from Vans to Cars to aircraft and ships, even on foot we deliver the smallest of items such as an a4 piece of paper to the nose cone of an aircraft to a stage for a music festival. Our couriers and vehicles make up our reliable services, serving customers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our professionally maintained and insured fleet of vans are capable of delivering most of our courier work, however our vehicles are only part of a huge fleet of planes, trains, and automobiles, that we have access to for our reliable courier services.

No job is too big or complicated for A2B as we are to source bigger vehicles from 7.5T (tonnes) all the way up to artic lorries.

From pickup to delivery

Pickups range according to the type of pickup and customer needs, here are some examples of factors to consider; Weight and size of the package, for example when picking up furniture we’re able load these on and use straps and blankets, as supposed to a courier picking up 1 small item who will sign for and pack with the same care and attention. Pickups requiring more manpower are seen to by mechanical means, whether that be using your forklift truck or one of our pallet trucks.

The A2B delivery process: depending on size and weight we have different ways of unloading deliveries for you. If we are unloading off a lorry, for big equipment such as exhibition or stage setups, or dedicated and trained team carefully follow moving and handling procedures to ensure a safe delivery of your products and the health of our drivers and their support staff. For smaller items all deliveries will be delivered to designated person or delivery spot where our drivers will call the contact person to let them know the delivery has arrived, once the product has been unloaded and signed for, we will automatically email you to confirm a safe delivery and the exact time.

Technical Setups

Some of our clients such as AIP Exhibitions or Plinths and Pedestals require more than just your standard delivery, as sometimes our experienced reliable couriers are asked to help with the setup of events, music festivals, or exhibitions. We also manage the deliveries of artwork, delicate items, medical supplies, live products such as exotic fish from airports and many more objects that require a specialised service, as we are able to offer more than just a standard couriering service.

For all your national, European and International courier needs contact A2B Express Logistics, 24/7 365 days a year on (UK) 0044 1273 921650 or email us at traffic@a2bel.co.uk

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