Basic Differences between Courier Service and Standard Mail

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Do you have a parcel that needs delivery? What is the best option for the same? Mostly if there is no emergency, people choose standard mail options. On the contrary, for emergency deliveries, courier service is a better option. Both delivery modes have their sets of pros and cons, which can’t be avoided.

However, depending on the need, type of product and delivery period, you can decide on the best available option. Here’s a list of differences between the delivery processes before deciding to opt for courier service in Brighton.

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Reliability of delivery service

Courier service is a more reliable delivery option compared to standard mail. It offers security and insurance to the product. Where in standard mail, they take the responsibility of delivering the goods to the mentioned destination only! There is no safety policy mentioned in the regulations. Especially for important documents and breakable items, you must opt for courier services.

Price difference

With regards to price, standard mails cost less compared to courier services. The price rates are the same for all types of parcels irrespective of the weight, emergency or the type of material you’re sending for delivery.  However, in courier service, prices vary from company to company. Moreover, depending on the weight and size of the parcel, the prices may also change.

Mode of convenience

The majority prefers courier service because of its convenient approach. There is no need of packing the materials that you want to get delivered through courier agents. They will do the needful. However, you must pack your goods for the standard mail, and the safety depends on the way you are packing the same. Availing the courier service is thus more convenient.

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Delivery process

For deliveries through standard mail, you can’t set a specific date or time. There’s a preset time frame within which the delivery will take place. Hence even if you want a 24-hour delivery service, standard mail can’t provide you with the facility. On the other hand, a courier service will help you get your product delivered within your desired time frame. You can mention the pickup and drop off timings. You can ask for same-day delivery, emergency or pre-arranged delivery services. The rates will vary accordingly.

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