A Brief Guide on Sending Clothes via Courier Service

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Clothes are the items most commonly found in any courier’s van. With so many online stores specializing in fashion attires, sellers keep on sending clothes from one point to another all the time. There are times when clothes are sent as gifts to the loved ones and many other requirements like this keep on arising. Every time the most reliable options happen to be availing courier services. Here is an attempt to help you out in handling the task of shipping clothes at ease as the task never ends just by finding out the right courier service in West Sussex or any location across the UK.

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Top Considerations for Shipping Clothes Properly

Choosing the packaging material

Generally, clothes are sent within plastic envelops, commonly referred to as poly mailers. They are practical yet inexpensive options to ensure that the clothes being sent safely and not as a crumpled mess. It is just about sliding the clothes into those packets and fastening them, and your item is ready to be shipped.

Here are a few steps to be followed for putting the clothes into the envelops neatly and safely.

Step1:  Fold the clothes efficiently and do not just roll them up as thus they might end up getting crumpled.

Step 2: After folding the clothes neatly, layer them with extra padding of bubble wrap to prevent damages in any form during the transit.

Step 3:  Now, it’s time to pack the item and unless you are sending a large object like a coat or multiple items use a poly mailer or else opt for a cardboard box.

Step 4: Make sure that you attach the shipping label before inserting the clothes and sealing the envelope or the mailing bag. If you try attaching it after putting the clothes inside then, the label might get peeled off with the clothes making the package all plumped up.

Make sure that you use up the adequate tape to seal the package as it will eliminate the chance of the box being ripped off at the depot.

Sending the Clothes

Once the clothes are packed well and ready to be shipped, then they need to be collected. There are two options; you can choose to have the item collected and delivered by the courier service provider or can drop it at the centre on your own.

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