5 Types Of Courier Services You Can Choose From

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Both e-commerce businesses and courier services are gradually gaining popularity. The global parcel shipping market is expected to reach new heights within the next few years. Even courier companies are offering flexible services. Their focus is on fulfilling your needs like next-day delivery and international shipping. Customers are nowadays willing to deliver various products and have different needs. Know the common types of courier services and you can choose a service which meets your delivery needs. The courier company will take care of your parcel and provide the highest standard of service.

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Few Common Types Of Courier Services

Standard Courier Service

The standard courier services are designed with a focus on the common set of parameters. Choose the right company offering standard courier services and get dependable deliveries. It is suitable for medium and small-sized parcels. The maximum weight of your parcel should be below 100 pounds.  Standard courier services might not be the right choice if you run a business where predicting the package’s weight is a challenge.

International Services

The primary difference between international courier services and standard courier services is that the former is a bit expensive. A reputed courier company offering international delivery services can offer the best rates. They have a good network with port authorities and can help you with tax discounts and acquisition of permits. Two types of international courier services are sea freight and air freight.

Express Delivery

The one-day or same-day delivery feature has enhanced the demand for express delivery services. There are a few common services for which you can’t depend on average courier services. They are the shipment of essential documents, medical emergencies and customer returns. Get in touch with a company offering same-day deliveries for rush delivery requirements. They will pick-up the items within an hour and deliver it to a nearby destination.

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Pallet Shipments

Pallet Shipments are generally required by companies doing business in high volume and want to distribute products across the country. The primary benefit offered by pallet shipments is that you can easily keep a track on your inventory. There are even less chances for you to miss an entire pallet. Courier companies offering pallet shipments even transport those pallets to a warehouse for storage and sorting. If you don’t want to pay a third party, look for a courier company with their own warehouse.

Luggage Delivery

Delivery of large packages is completely different from single time delivery. Some courier companies specialise in the transportation of luggage. Get in touch with one of them if you are planning to move some luggage during your business trip and want to save both time and money. You don’t have to worry about your luggage getting broken or damaged. It is the responsibility of the courier company to wrap them in protective coverings. Let them know the pick-up and drop-off location and they will customise their services accordingly.

Choose The Right Courier Company

There are numerous courier companies scattered all over the UK so choosing the best is indeed a daunting task. Look for independent courier business if you have some major shipment needs or transporting some fragile items. They have trained and experienced technical couriers. Their focus is always on meeting their needs and budget. They provide the highest standard of service at competitive prices. It is always advisable to choose professional courier deliveries as they also provide delivery insurance.

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