The M25 – Every Courier Drivers Dream

29 Miles of the M25 in 14 Seconds; Every Courier Drivers Dream

Junction 8 M23/M25 to Junction 15 M25/M4

Being constantly on the road, means I get stuck in traffic jams caused by a multitude of things.  The worst are probably traffic collisions.  These can take hours and hours to sort out, sad for those directly involved.  For us stuck behind we shouldn’t complain.  To compound the situation, I’m stuck in the middle of two junctions on the motorway.  There’s no hope of doing anything except to switch the radio on and listen to how long the tailback is.

My favourite traffic announcer must be Lynn Bowles on BBC Radio 2.

Like most seasoned drivers I travel light, but with all important provisions to last several days.  I never know when to  may be diverted to another part of the country, or one occasion, overseas!

I have to use the M25 on a very regular basis and quite often it has its problems, mainly due in my opinion, its popularity.   I’m sure Londoners use it as a quick way of getting around London!  I think if the M25 had been built to connect the motorways around London and only come off at points between; that would have made it far more efficient!

Coming up from Sussex and often winging my way round the south west corning from Junction 8 (M23) to Jct. 21a (M1).  Regularly I find myself crawling passed the M3, M4 and Heathrow…. anyway, here’s a short video of a dream I have…. 29 miles in 14 seconds on the M25.

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