European Delivery Courier Celebrates the Channel Tunnel

Happy 20th Birthday Channel Tunnel!

Says European Delivery Couriers,

A2B Express Logistics

Yesterday was the 20th birthday of the Channel Tunnel.

I would suggest its a godsend to European delivery couriers in the UK and Europe.  A2B Express Logistics use the tunnel almost on a weekly basis.  Making deliveries and collections right across Europe.  On the train It only takes 35 minutes to travel the 31.4 miles of tunnel as opposed to the 90 minutes it takes on the ferry.

Time is money, as they say, so being able to cross the channel quickly means less time traveling and being abroad, this makes savings A2B Express Logistics clients appreciate.

Talking about money, in the Financial Times yesterday in an article written by Jane Ward says the tunnel cost £4.65bn to build, with its two rail tunnels and adjoining service tunnel. The Tunnel opened a year late and cost twice the original budget. In its first year of operation it made a loss of £925m. Due to the accruing interest payments (£2m a day) in 2004 Eurotunnel PLC were forced to restructure and more than €5bn of debt was wiped from it’s books.

If only some of us could do that with debt!

Since 2009 Euro Tunnel has been paying a dividend (albeit 2012 €0.12 per share) and started to pay off its debt which currently stands at €3.7m.

If you travel regularly on Eurotunnel you could benefit from a 30% reduction on regular fares for six single journeys (three round trips) per calendar year. There is a requirement to have a minimum holding of 30,000 unconsolidated Groupe Eurotunnel SA shares or 750 consolidated shares (Crest Depository Interest -CDI’s) ) which is around €7380 or in English money £635.06 (as at 7 May 2014 £1=€1.1810). With an average round car trip costing £170 it could equate to a £300 saving every year, a better return on your money than current saving rates maybe?

Nearly 400 trains pass through the tunnel every day, with 50,000 passengers and 6,000, 180 coaches and 54,000 tonnes of freight. I never worked out how much freight I’ve been responsible for, maybe I should make a note.

It was Her Majesty the Queen and President Mitterrand who officially opened the tunnel on May 6, 1994. The royal party travelled from Waterloo to Calais at a sedate 80mph. The presidential party sped to the coast from Paris at 186mph.

Public opinion strongly favoured a drive-through tunnel, but ventilation issues, concerns about accident management, and fear of driver mesmerisation led to the only the shortlisted rail submissions.
I just appreciate the speed and efficiency of it all and get a short rest break, albeit in the cab of the truck or van I’m driving.

So Happy Birthday Le tunnel sous la Manche! Long may you serve, or at lest until 2114 when its walls will need replacing.

Keep on Truckin’

John Sanbrook

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