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Client Endorsements for Our Sussex Courier Delivery Services


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What makes a good Sussex Courier?

At the moment I’m busy on the road and currently making numerous trips abroad for a number of my Sussex clients.

As a leading sussex courier my clients are demanding people who have high demands. It’s not all about price either.

I have built a steady solid client base by hard work. Being a Sussex courier I have found what is of paramount importance to my clients are:


Turning up when you say you will.

Making sure my van is clean, serviced and maintained to the highest standard possible is crucial. It’s my livelihood, so this makes sense. A professional image is important.


Making sure the loads are properly secured. One client’s previous Sussex courier always had a 25 per cent breakage allowance – since I took over that has reduced to zero. It’s not rocket science to secure a load properly, OK in the early days I had a few, but I learnt from my mistakes – pretty fast!

Sharon Gorf from Parker Joinery says in the video below: “it’s really important that what ever I send to our clients, gets to them in good condition. So he [A2B] is very good at making sure that happens.”

Making sure the paperwork is in order from pick up to deliver.

Contact the client if there is a problem, good communications is always paramount. Delays are part of the every day life of a courier, mistakes and the occasional puncture can all add up. Forewarned to forearmed. If a delivery is likely to be late, ring the client who can at least contact their customer, it just makes it all look so much more professional.


Turning up on time (if not a bit before). Being on the road does lead to inevitable delays with collisions, roadworks and natural disasters (floods). I always leave myself a enough time and a bit more for delivers. My clients understand that issues arise at unexpected times.


Giving ‘added value’. Although the courier’s role to unload the delivery, it doesn’t have to stop at the front door. Offering to help carry the delivery through and help unpack, clear the packaging, just makes it a more pleasant experience. Client’s customers often appreciate the additional help. Deliveries always occur when the staff are out or on a break.

Nothing isn’t too much trouble, when in reality it is: the delay in collection, the despatch dept haven’t finished, the delivery note is wrong, the delivery location is 50 miles further than requested, you’re going to be home late…. You smile and say: “No problem…”

Available 24/7. Being a courier means I have to be highly flexible with my work/life balance. Clients appreciate the flexibility, and at times it can work both ways. Sometimes goods don’t require immediate despatch and they are happy to wait a day or two, whilst I get back from another client’s delivery.

As Darragh Holmes from DHH Engineering says in the video: “He is very resourceful. He has helped me out from 1kg parcels to an eight Tonne shipping container last week, all at short notice. He always answers calls and whenever he does miss the odd occasional call, he rings back straight away.“

I am a Sussex courier who is Reliable, Conciencious, Punctual and Helpful. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video and hear direct from two of my clients as to what makes me their first choice Sussex courier.

Watch the video and give me a call,

John Sanbrook
Sussex Courier

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